Tele-Reach Sdn Bhd was incorporated in May 2002. It is a specialized consultant company in the field of Telecommunication and IT communication. Apart from adopting advisory and consulting role, our main activities also involved design, build, install, construct, commission and maintenance of telecommunication towers, services and infrastructures through collaborations with Perbadanan Kemajuan Ekonomi Negeri Perlis (“PKENP”) and international vendors and suppliers. Tele-Reach & PKNEP has formed a Perlis state-backed company Perlis Comm Sdn Bhd (“PCSB”) to exclusively oversee the overall activities pertaining to telecommunication tower in Perlis. PCSB earned the Network Facilities Provider (“NFP”) license from the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (“MCMC”), which gives the exclusive rights to construct, own, maintain and lease any telecommunication tower to various Telco companies consisting Maxis, Digi and Celcom for a fifteen (15) years concession period.

PCSB holds the responsibility as the Perlis State Back Company (SBC) through the initiative of the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications and the MCMC. Furthermore, PCSB plays a vital role in coordinating the planning, implementation and maintenance of the telecommunication infrastructure services in the state of Perlis.

PCSB currently owns and operates over 20 telecommunication structures in Perlis.

1 GS182 (Kg. Wai Kechil) R01002 Maxis 6W (M-D-C-S-YTL-W)
2 Kg. Kok Kelang R01005 Maxis 3W (M-C-D)
3 Kg. Sungai Baru R01027 Celcom 4W (C-S-YTL-D)
4 Kg. Padang Keria R01028 Celcom 2W (C-D)
5 Kg. Padang Siding R01031 Celcom 3W (C-D-M)
6 Kg. Long Boh R01034 Celcom 2W (C-D)
7 Kg. Bongor Kudung R01033 Celcom 3W (C-D-YTL)
8 Bukit Ayer Jungle Park R01008 Maxis 3W (M-D-C)
9 Kem Meranti R01013 DiGi 2W (D-M)
10 Mata Ayer R01040 Celcom 2W (C-M)
11 Kg. Wang Ulu R01036 Celcom 4W (C-M-D-W)
12 Padang Melangit R01037 Celcom 1W (C)
13 Felcra Lubuk Sireh R01044 DiGi 2W (D-YTL)
14 UtanM1 Replacement R01045 Maxis 3W (M-YTL-W)
15 Taman Syed Alwi R01041 DiGi 5W (D-M-W-YTL-C)
16 UiTM Blue Water Tank R01043 DiGi 4W (D-C-YTL-W)
17 Padang Besar NT0278 Sapura 4W (S-C-YTL-W)
18 Bintong BTOGM1Replacement R01046 Maxis 2W (M-C)
19 Kilang Gula R01039 Celcom 1W(C)
20 Padang Behor R01030 Celcom 2W(C-YTL)
21 UniMAP Main Campus R01047 Celcom 3W (C-W-M)
22 Beseri NT0277 Sapura 1W (S)
23 Bukit Chabang R01049 Digi 1W(D)
24 Bukit Puteh RL01053 Celcom 1W (C)
25 Hutan Kandis RL01055 Celcom 1W (C)
26 Jejawi Dalam RL01056 Celcom 1W (C)
27 Kuala Sanglang RL01052 Celcom 1W (C)
28 Kompleks Sukan RL01054 Celcom 2W (C-M)
29 Taman Mas Ria RL01058 Celcom 1W (C)
30 Taman Mutiara RL01057 Celcom 1W (C)
31 Taman Dahlia RL01060 Celcom 1W (C)
32 Taman Berlian / IKBN RL01066 Maxis 1W (M)