Road Maintenance


Major activities for road maintenance include routine maintenance, periodic maintenance and emergency works.

Routine maintenance works including patching of pothole, grass cutting and upkeep of road shoulder, road furniture, bridges, culverts, drainage and routine inspection.

The periodic maintenance includes the maintenance of pavement and non-pavement works. While, emergency works are done in order to make the road passable to traffic as a result of unforeseen circumstances such as landslide, bridge collapse, flooding or spillage of hazardous materials.

Our Services Of Maintenance Work

RO 1 - Pavement Maintenance

Pothole patching, sealing of surface cracks, reinstate edge deterioration of back filled trenches, clear vegetation on paved surface, treatment to deterioration of concrete pavement, repair to concrete pavement joints and repair to paving blocks and slabs

RO 2 - Shoulder Maintenance

Re-grading and topping up of shoulders as required, filling irregularities in unsealed shoulders and filling pavement/shoulder level differences

RO 3 - Grass Cutting

Cut and dispose grass to the limit as per cycle

RO 4 - Road Furniture Maintenance

Cleaning of road signage, guardrails, kilometer posts and delineator posts as per cycle

RO 5 - Bridges and Culverts Maintenance

Cleaning works and removal of vegetation as per cycle

RO 7 - Drainage Maintenance

Cleaning and desilting works as per cycle