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Board Of Directors


The board of directors of Amona Group comprises the following members:

The key figure behind the inception of Amona, Othman’s speciality – driven by his true entrepreneurial sense – lies in the sheer integrity, confidence and unfazed determination that he often displays towards every one of the Group’s undertakings. Othman is also the Chief Executive Officer and major shareholder of various development concerns, eg. Pembanguann JKM Sdn Bhd, Pritekma Properties Sdn Bhd etc.

A former political secretary to the fourth Prime Minister, Dato' Mohd Noor Yusof's career took a quick twist to the corporate world in the 1990s when he became Chairman of the then United Malayan Banking Berhad (UMBC). He was formerly a major shareholder of Datuk Keramat Holdings Berhad, UMBC and is currently a shareholder and Chairman of ScopeTel (VSAT service provider). His wisdom, drawn from years of experience in both the political and corporate world has proven to be valuable asset to Amona.

As the co-founder of the Amona group, Abd Manaf, a graduate in Business Administration (with a major in marketing) has over the years played a major role in the successful accomplishment of Amona’s various projects. Responsible for the overall operations and administration of the Amona group, Abd Manaf has proven his credibility in all his endeavours and has contributed extensively to Amona’s successful track record.

Abdul Hamid Mohamed, Technical Director (Planning), received his formal education from AA School of Architecture, London, United Kingdom.Widely involved in various works ranging from Hospitality, Commercial Development as well as Institutional designs and project planning. Notably active in promoting architectural work in a humane scale and creating spatial experience in enhancing building environment.He is also served as a Board of Director in other established company.

Dato’ Ramli acquired extensive experience, spanning 31 years in public sector management skills that became the hallmark of his career in the Administrative and Diplomatic Service until his retirement as Director General, National Narcotics Agency Ministry of Internal Security on 14 May 2004.


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